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We are the appointed dealer for AGIS Mobility. We are specialises in mobility scooter for the adults & elderly and motorised wheelchair for the disabled. We carry 9 products because of the stability, comfort, safety and they are most popular in Singapore market. AGIS Mobility is the authorised distributor for Heartway Mobility Medical Device in Singapore. With AGIS Mobility, you invest more than a electric scooter or motorised wheelchair – you are investing in peace of mind. (Agility, Actively on the Go, Independent and Safely.

Electric mobility scooter and motorised wheelchair for elderly cannot replace everything that a car can do but it does make getting around much easier than walking!

Combined with a public bus system, elderly can access most parts of their city with their electric mobility scooter or motorised wheelchair such as shopping, recreation centers, senior centers, friends’ houses, doctors’ offices and other places of interest. They give many elderly their freedom and independence back.

Electric mobility scooters and motorised wheelchair also cost less than a car and can be used inside – making shopping easier.

They are battery powered and can be charged over night. They can go forward or reverse and the speed can be regulated.

What is an Mobility Scooter?

Not to be mistaken for the ones used by hippy teenagers skating on the street, the electric scooter, or mobility scooter, is a transport aid for those who require assistance getting around. It has a flat area for the feet and a steer in front of the seat to navigate the device. Depending on the model, the scooters may have three to five wheels. The mobility scooter is battery-operated and can be easily charged onboard or separately. It is also easily detachable and portable but such models are usually more expensive because of the lightweight materials used. The heavy models are cheaper and generally recommended for daily use. Overall, the mobility scooter is more afforadable than the motorized wheelchair.

The mobility scooter is especially ideal for elders and disabled who are weak in the limbs and yet want to remain independent. For those who refuse to be seen in a wheelchair – motorized or not – due to the stigma the society has put on it, the electric scooter is an ideal alternate mobility device. However, the electric scooter is more suitable for users who still have some form of upper body mobility because the steering is in front of the seat and requires the user to raise the arms in order to navigate the device. Some may even require the user to sit upright to handle the steer. Otherwise, the mobility scooter may be difficult, tiring and even dangerous for the user as he or she may fall or lose control of the electric mobility scooter.

While the device is a scooter in design, its speed is nothing like the motor scooters on the road. The electric mobility scooter for elderly and disabled is limited to about 10km/h, making it speed-safe for all users on the street. In recent years, more care and concern for the welfare of the less mobile have been showered, as seen in the increasing availability of wheelchair-friendly public facilities in developed cities. The electric mobility scooter complements such initiatives and allows users to get around and carry on their daily lives with minimum external assistance. As the batteries of the electric mobility scooter can only run for short hours per charge, it is more suitable for use within the neighborhood, such as grocery shopping and visiting the clinic for medical appointments, than travelling over long distances. Otherwise it is advisable to prepare an extra battery or ensure that there are stopovers to recharge the batteries.

What is a Motorised Wheelchair?

A motorised wheelchair is a chair with wheels that could be steered and operated by the seated user easily using the motor attached below the seat. It uses battery as a power source to create electric propulsion and thus, do not require the seated user to turn the rear wheels by hands or another person to push it using the handles behind the seat manually.

People who have difficulties walking due to disability, injury or illness often use the motorized wheelchair. As compared to the traditional manual wheelchair, the motorized wheelchair is especially useful for those who have limited mobility in the arms and would not be able to turn the rear wheels. The motorized wheelchair usually has a small joystick mounted on the armrest; the user can flick the joystick easily with his or her fingers with minimum strength and navigate the device.

The motorized wheelchair can be used both indoors and outdoors. Like the traditional manual wheelchair, the motorized wheelchair is foldable and can be put in the car boot and transported to parks for use at family picnic. The more expensive models use lightweight materials to make the device more easily transportable.

In recent years, with deepened understanding and care for the less mobile, public facilities in developed cities are becoming increasingly wheelchair-friendly, making it simpler for the wheelchair-bounded users to access to various public spaces. The motorized wheelchair complements such initiatives and is suitable for those who would want to get around independently and carry on with their daily lives without extra assistance from others.

While the motorized wheelchair encourages physically-challenged users to regain some independence, there are still some restrictions that the user must take note of. The batteries can only be run for short hours per use, thus it is more ideal for use within the neighborhood and not when travelling over long distances. Otherwise, it is advisable to ensure that an extra battery was brought along to change or a stopover resting point to recharge the batteries. Otherwise, you can also navigate the wheelchair manually or with the help of others. In addition, motorized wheelchairs can be used outdoors but it may not be suitable for all types of terrains such as beaches and uneven mud. Thus the wheels would have to be changed and adapted to the particular terrain to increase stability and mobility. 

The motorized wheelchair is more expensive than the traditional one but the benefits definitely outweigh the cost.

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Our Products

Mobility iDEAS for elderly and disabled carries Heartway range and AGIS range of electric scooter and electric motorised wheelchair.

  • "I absolutely love this mobility scooter (Heartway S19)! It has helped me to travel all around Singapore, allowing me to experience new things. It is also very convenient when I go out with my family as it is foldable and can be placed in the boot of a car so when one of my family members drive us to some place, I can bring the mobility scooter along and use it to travel around the place we arrive at. I definitely recommend it to all elderly!"

    Tan Boon Chee, 76 years old, Bukit Merah resident
  • "This mobility scooter has brought much convenience to me. With it, I can travel across the nation easily as I can ride it to the MRT station and take the MRT to places I wish to go to. I can also ride the buses with it, thanks to Singapore’s transport system which allows such wheelchairs on public buses and trains. I love it!"

    Mary Lee, 82 years old, Choa Chu Kang resident
  • "This mobility scooter has helped me a long way ever since my parents bought it for me. As I lost my right leg due to an accident, it was rather inconvenient for me when I travelled to other places far from home as I had to use crutches to help me walk and it took me a lot of effort just to get from one place to another. However, with this mobility scooter, I need not use as much effort and I can get around Singapore easily. This is not only suitable for the elderly but also for the disabled! Great for all to use!"

    Fok Yi Xuan, 28 years old, Bishan resident
  • "Thanks to S19 mobility scooter. I ride my S19 to market daily and to church on every Sunday. This scooter was nimble and could drive up steep slopes and steer through tight corners. I'm planning to visit Garden by The Bay next week. Cheers!"

    Ai Sing, 78 years old, Jurong East resident
  • “In the past, it was impossible for me to walk in the neighbourhood. Even a short stroll would leave me breathless with swollen legs. However, with the nifty scooter, it has allowed me to visit a friend who lives a few blocks away from my flat, go to the market or a meal even though it entails crossing a street without problems. The scooter I received in January has changed my life, although it took some hair-raising attempts to master. Now, I can manoeuvre it easily, though I still set the speed at the lowest level. I may be physically weak to propel manual wheelchairs and this scooter just suits me perfectly. I'm so happy with this scooter.”

    Madam Mary Ng, 76 years old, Toa Payoh resident
  • "Hi all, I recently travelled to Singapore with my elderly parents and kids. Since both my parents have limited mobility, we hired mobility scooters locally from Agis. James who is the owner of that business was very helpful and provided us 2 scooters which were foldable and easily transportable in the taxi. We were able to go to all attractions including Flyer, Zoo etc. My parents loved it and since I know a lot of post here seeking elderly or mobility support, I thought I will share the coordinates with the group so that we can help future travellers. I will surely take the service next time I go to Singapore with my parents. Thanks."

    Heena Verma
  • “I purchased this mobility scooter about a month ago, and it has opened up a new life of mobility for me. I no longer have to stay at home while my family shops. I can now accompany them to NTUC supermarket, wet market, shopping centre & place of interest etc. The full angle swivel seat on the scooter allows me to go right up to a table and fit very comfortably in front of the table for a meal in a hawker centre or restaurant. Although it takes time for me to learn to ride it, it is actually very simple. This scooter is very comfortable and feels very sturdy and reliable to me. I now use it when I go out with my loved ones, and I enjoy the ride every day as it makes me so happy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for mobility aid especially for those elderly like me. Perfect and wonderful.”

    Chan JT, 84 years old, Joo Chiat resident
  • “Because of aging, I’m suffering from many medical and disability problems and needed something affordable to be able to get up and move around to do my daily errands. I bought AGIS motorized scooter after my friend recommended it to me. I have owned the scooter for several weeks and this has made a dramatic change in my ability to get around neighbourhoods and it has opened up a new life of mobility for me. I love the independence that comes with AGIS mobility scooter. With this scooter I have an easier time moving around outside. I love this mobility scooter and bring it everywhere with me likes it’s my best friend. The mobility scooter is very comfortable and feels extremely sturdy and reliable to me. I highly recommend Mobility iDEAS and Agis Mobility for anybody with mobility issue. I LOVE IT.”

    Seng Hee, 77 years old, North Bridge Road resident
  • “This testimony is for my grandma, Soo Fong. Recently, we rented Heartway S19 foldable electric scooter from AGIS Mobility for our grandma to take on holiday trip to Japan with us. The Heartway S19 is capable, strong and convenient and can be taken anywhere because of its lightweight components and can be transported into our rented vehicle without difficulty. It’s so easy to take this anywhere and it is so simple to fold and unfold in just seconds by anyone. In addition we also find those batteries charged very quickly and could hold charges for very long period of time. Wherever we go, people are as impressed as we are, with this scooter. To be honest, we really don’t know how our holiday would be like without this electric scooter. Awesome. Our family were all very impressed with the scooter and planned to purchase AGIS L8 for our grandma daily activities. Thank you AGIS mobility and Mobility iDEAS.”

    Soo Fong, 70 years old, Ghim Moh resident
  • “I've had my Agis M8 mobility scooter for a little over a month now. The freedom this chair has given me is incredible. I love being outdoors and the chair has made that possible for me. I wanted to go places that I couldn’t go on my own. This scooter got me through the streets and paths with ease and can easily maneuver through shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, shops, gardens and tight spaces. Great handling and easy to manage. It has surpassed all my expectations as it was amazing with all its functions. I never thought I'd need something like this, but I'm glad I found Mobility iDEAS website and read up some reviews. Although there are 3 different models from Agis, I decided to go with Agis M8 after taking into consideration the budget and level of comfort the scooter provided. I enjoyed my ride every day.”

    Madam Wang, 80 years old, Circuit Road resident
  • “Over the last 4 months, Heartway S19 foldable mobility scooter has proven itself to be comfortable, useable and reliable. It can easily collapse or expand and lift in and out of my sedan with ease. The key features of this scooter are that it is light weight, rugged, sturdy, turning on and off of power is simple, control instrumentation is easy to view and easy to use. It comes with an adjustable speed control knob for desired speed and is well-constructed. It has changed me from being someone who spent all day locked inside my house to a person like a bird flying out of the cage. I can take my grandson to the bus stop to wait for the school bus every morning and grab breakfast with my daughter-in-law at the nearby kopitiam (coffee shop) with no problem. This scooter has changed my life and the life of my family. Thank you Mobility iDEAS for giving us back our mobility and enjoyment of travel.”

    Mr. Gan PT, 77 years old, Bedok resident
  • “I read through tons of reviews from different website and products before finally deciding on this one, Agis L8. The factors I considered for the purchase were maneuverability, ease of use and control, stability, power and price. This mobility scooter has met all our expectations. The scooter is very comfortable and feels very sturdy and reliable to me. Other testimonials have explained clearly how well the mobility scooter had given seniors who have mobility challenges, lives and mobility needs back, but I want to comment on the excellent personal service I received from Mobility iDEAS team and I am so happy with this purchase. Customer service was prompt, courteous, friendly and empathic. They truly cater to my needs and recommend the best scooter that will suit me. The products they sell and the concern and care they have concerning their customer is above and beyond satisfactory. I would recommend their company to anyone looking for mobility aid. I am a very satisfied customer.”

    Tommy Toh, 72 years old, Commonwealth resident
  • “I did extensive research and comparisons before purchasing the Heartway S19 mobility scooter. I’m impressed with the feedbacks and reviews on this product. The scooter is great. I can easily maneuver through MRT, buses, PCN (park connector network), parks and gardens, malls, stores and elevators. I have been having a lot of fun zooming around. It is everything I thought it would be and much more. I have gotten so many inquiries from the strangers as to where I got this scooter when I was cruising in shopping malls and gardens. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mobility iDEAS with their timely and patience to answer my questions. Each of my concerns was answered in a thorough manner and with much patience. This has impressed me since the day I looked into this fantastic mobility device. I couldn’t be happier without this scooter. I have already enjoyed several outings that would not be possible without this scooter. I would recommend this to all elderly and seniors looking for mobility aid. Thank you for giving us mobility and travelling convenience.”

    Liu Teck Meng, 70 years old, Holland resident
  • “I have recently bought an AGIS L8 mobility scooter and was very impressed both with the quality and price. It is good looking, well equipped with very comfortable captain’s seat. This scooter has got me out of the house and to the shops for the first time in months. I'd be isolated without my scooter. I didn't want to be stuck in the house all day and now I've got the freedom to go where I want when I want. AGIS L8 has given me independence! I chose Mobility iDEAS as my supplier after reading the many excellent reviews written by previous customers. They have the best range and have always been available to provide great service. I made a wise choice, so thank you Mobility iDEAS. I was very apprehensive before I decided to purchase my electric scooter. I didn't like the thought of my friends and neighbours seeing me on it but now that I've got it I can't believe I ever worried - they all think it's as great as I do! I am delighted with the scooter.”

    Peng YT, 72 years old, Simei resident
  • “My life can be quite difficult these days as my body getting weaker each day as age goes by however my AGIS M8 mobility scooter has made such an amazing difference to my life. It has enabled me to regain my confidence and independence and get out more, which was simply not possible before I got my scooter. I can be outside most of the day as its battery range is so good. I can enjoy meeting my old friends for chit-chat sessions without always having to ask for help. I am so delighted with AGIS M8, I am now the proud owner of AGIS M8.”

    Bee Choon, 81 years old, Bukit Ho Swee resident
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