Pros & Cons of Electric Mobility Scooter
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Pros & Cons of Electric Mobility Scooter


The concept of electronic mobility scooter was designed and introduced to aid impaired individuals who find it difficult to move either for their partial immobility or movement restrictions due to pain or other health conditions. Later, it got immensely popular in different age groups as they found it to meet their specific needs respectively.

In particular, the elderly and weaker individuals found it very helpful since it truly can give them the sense of independence once again. As a result, in the course of time, the features and attributes of electric mobility scooters got redesigned and overhauled according to the customer needs and wants.

Fundamentally, electric mobility scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries. Beside some selected models, the vast majority of the mobility scooters come up with the capacity of carrying a single person.

Here are some pros and cons of electric mobility scooters:-


Usability/Ease of Use

The most distinguished factor of an electric mobility scooter is its usability. Charge you scooter, get on it and hit the start switch – that’s it! You are prepared either for your in-house choirs or outdoor shopping or meeting. Mobility scooters can easily be maneuvered in crowded areas and parks where cars are not allowed.

Low Maintenance Cost

The solitary expense of maintaining an electric mobility scooter is the cost of recharging the batteries. With high performance batteries, the operational cost amounts to a bare minimum since it does not require any gasoline to operate. The batteries can last for a long cycle of recharges and battery-powered engines occasionally need repairs.


A large portion of these electric mobility scooters are lightweight and can be folded or dismantled as well as be obtained in the size of a luggage. Afterward, it can be transported without much hassle. This portability gave users the access to bring the mobility scooter almost anywhere. If, by accident, the scooter gets disabled due to battery discharge, you can easily fold it and carry it via bus or other transportations. The folded or dismantled scooter can effortlessly be fit into a car trunk.


Since electric mobility scooters run on electric powered battery rather than gasoline, they do not produce harmful smokes and as a result keep the environment clean.

Independence for the Elderly

At any stage of age, people don’t want to rely on others whether it is for daily activities or having a breath of air outside. As the body gets weak, the mobility gets restricted and elderly people have to depend on others for their choirs. However, a mobility scooter can give them their freedom back both indoor and outdoor activities.



For elderly generation, 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler mobility scooter is far more preferred than 2-wheeler mobility scooters. Moreover, 3-wheeler scooters are recommended mostly for in-house or in-shop usage because of its lower maneuvering capability outdoor whereas 4-wheeler scooters can be used both indoors and outdoors. The fast speed with lightweight structure can make the electric mobility scooter maneuvering a bit risky.

High Upfront Cost

For the most part, an electric mobility scooter costs from $500 to $2000. The inexpensive ones have a tendency to be exceptionally lightweight and have higher chance of instability which might result in and accidental fall-off. Inevitably, the scooters with high per charge mileage are more expensive. Then again, the scooter with full suspension and highly adjustable and sumptuous seats are typically priced higher than the rest.


Due to its light weight, ultra-portability and size, there are always a higher chance of theft. Along these lines, precautions are mandatory before parking electric mobility scooter in public places – like high-quality locks, anti-theft alarms, attaching GPS devices on the scooter etc.

Battery-Out-of-Juice Risk

The mileage of an electric mobility scooter depends of the capacity of rechargeable batteries. Typically, a mobility scooter can cover the distance of 5 miles to 50 miles depends on the battery capacity and the charging. Therefore, at the time of travelling outside it would procreate a troublesome circumstance altogether when batteries run out of juice.

In spite of all manageable negative facts, electronic mobility scooter is an incredible mobility aid particularly for elderly people. Moreover, due to its lower maintenance cost, transportability, ease of use, easy to store and environment friendly nature it can undoubtedly supplant one of those short distance public transport. On the whole, it’s a minimal effort fun ride.


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