We, Mobility iDEAS For The Elderly And Disabled carry 6 products from Heartway range of electric scooter and AGIS range of electric scooter because of the stability, comfort and safety and they are most popular in local market.

Regardless of the circumstances, when the ability to move around freely gets compromised, people get aggravated both mentally and physically, hence the happiness of people is reduced by restricted mobility. This scenario is especially true for the elderly and disabled people who suffer from partial immobility or movement restrictions due certain health condition.

The elderly and disabled people always lose their freedom to move around independently and freely due to this mobility constraint. They have to rely on others to carry out their daily activities, let alone the outdoor activities or meeting friends. This places an immense and imperceptible pressure on their sense of independence it affects the will of living in these people.

Be that as it may, with the advancement of technologies, the situation does not look as grave as before. The inventions and continuous evolution kept the flame of hope flickering among all those ludicrous circumstances. From conventional wheelchairs to current day electric scooters and motorized wheelchairs, every step of this development enhanced the life of the case of elderly and disabled individuals. Now, they don’t have to rely on others to get their job done. They can move around easily within the house as well as meet their friends outside on their own, and life is now something completely different for them.

Let us introduce Mr. Iris Soh SY, a 77 years old individual in Singapore who purchased an electric scooter (Agis S8) in July 2016 due to mobility constraint. According to him, he can now move around the city comfortably and the independence it gave him simply can’t be bought with money. Mobility, comfort, social status in addition to the sense of freedom – what’s more can you expect in this age?

We also can talk about Yow SC, 75 years old Mo Kio Resident who got herself a Heartway S19, a brilliant invention in the area of mobility and portability. In the language of Yow, getting this electric scooter was a huge mental and physical boost for her in this mobility restricted age range. With the help of the mobility scooter, she can get outside and meet her friends in different places and without constraints. Thanks to its ultra-portability, she even took it abroad for holidays. This gear gave the alternative to move around without the help of others and fully enjoy her senior years.

Along with this line of thought, we can talk about Si Ling who got an electric scooter after recovering from a knee surgery, Ho Hoon Leong who improved his social activities after purchasing a mobility aid, Peng YT who bought an electric scooter to go out for shopping and so forth. To find out more, you may read up on the latest testimonals in our website.

We, Mobility Ideas, observed some significant real-life improvements in the case of elderly and disabled people thanks to the aid of advanced level gears like mobility electric scooters and motorized wheelchairs. These gadgets allow these elderly and disabled people to live their life to the fullest and as much as they can get from it.

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